So you are seeking for extras?

The curious researcher always get rewards

I'm One Eyed, a true wizard with kinetic energy powers

I invoked some images so you can gain awakening on your digital meditations

Mentorius - Secret Whisper

Mentorius - Cosmological Knowledge

Mentorina - Stars of Enlightment

Tarotina - Fortune Aura

One Eyed - Reality Sphere

One Eyed - Wonder Vision

Darktorius - Warlock Circle of Darkness

Gothika - Moonshine Skull

Fairy Maiden - Flower of Beauty

Laffy - Nootropic Cereal Morning

Clownius - Funny Vortex

Sun - Bright Conciousness

Moon - Lunar Cycled Universe

Cupid - Love Heaven

Necrochant of the Soul

Sorcerina - Cinema Magick Mirror

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